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How to Make Your Bridal Shower More Fun?


Getting married is one of the biggest events in everyone’s life, as the celebration that comes with it makes it the most special one! Before all that celebration begins, brides-to-be love have an intimate soirée or fun evening with their bridesmaids before they become Mrs! It can be a bridal shower or a bachelorette depending upon your mood, what kind of celebration you want! To make these get-togethers more fun you can go for some games and activities that can indulge everyone! Such activities keep your guests excited and also give them a reason not to skip your party. This can make it interesting as it would help you avoid lulls and boredom as you will have a pre-planned itinerary. You can even book one of the banquet halls in South Delhi and plan something fun!

If you are interested in games then we have a lot of ideas for you that can also serve as icebreakers or even competitions that will have everyone involved. It can be anything such as a silly remake of “pin the tail on the donkey”, a semi-embarrassing game of “true or false”, “truth or dare” or even spin the bottle. These will surely bring out the fun side of your girls who will end up giggling at everything! In case, the bride is not at all fond of games then you don’t need to sweat it. Go for some relaxing activities that can be food-inspired, spa-inspired, or even something else altogether. You can even ditch it to be wedding-related you can focus on everybody’s shared interests instead just to have a good time. Other things that you can go for can be Wine tasting, a scavenger hunt, a movie screening, or even a dance party.

Here are some creative games and activities that you can enjoy or participate in with your guests.

Recipe Contest

Food is something that connects us all! Plus, we are not stereotyping but it’s a good way to test everyone’s cooking skills, especially the bride’s! Attendees can bring something on their own or you can even ask the caterer to help you! It can be done in many ways like making the tastiest dish win or even identifying ingredients! Whatever you go for plan accordingly!

Cocktail Competition 

There can be no party without some interesting drinks. But how about making them on your own? All you need to do is offer some cocktail ingredients and let your guests can be the mixologists. Make them compete by creating your signature drink! Even the bride-to-be can participate in this fun game and let the bartender decide!

Ring Toss

If you have enough space at the venue, then this could be an interesting and fun game! Plus, people who love lawn games, will surely enjoy this! All you need is some big rings and short polls so that guests can aim at them and see who wins or if the bride can put on a ring!

Wedding Pictionary 

Pictionary has always been one of my favourite games for getting together and it also triggers a competitive side of yours! All you need to do is follow all the general rules of Pictionary but make it a bit wedding related!

Guessing or suggesting the wedding décor details 

You can ask for suggestions or have them guess the details of your functions! It can be anything such as colour theme, type of venue, décor details, types of flowers and so on! Also, whoever gets the most right (or recommends the best idea) wins the game.

Pass the bouquet

Similar to “musical chairs or passing the parcel” you can go for this activity that involves passing a bouquet around as music play intermittently. Whenever the song stops or whatever it stops on, the person holding the arrangement is out.

The Purse Game

This is not just a fun game but it will also help the bride to see who amongst all is the most prepared to be the bride’s saviour on her big day. This game will surely tell who will that be! Guests will be getting points for every item they have in their bags if they check it off the list made by the bride.

The Cold Feet Game 

Cold Feet are one of the common phenomena faced by the to-be-wed brides or grooms. Why not convert it into a fun game? All you need to do is fill a bucket with water and ice, and set toy rings at the bottom. Your guests will attempt to retrieve the pieces from the bottom. The quickest will win the game!

Who Am I?

Again, one of the favourite games for groups! You can add a bridal twist to it by writing the names of people, places, or things that are significant to the bride and then tying them to guests’ foreheads. While playing the group will whisper hints to one person at a time. People who guessed it right will win the game!

The Trivia!

Trivia never goes wrong! You can make it a Bride and Groom Trivia to make it more fun! Give multiple-choice questions about the couple to the guests and let them guess the right answers! The drill will be the same- the person with the most right answers will win!

These games will surely make the celebration even more interesting! You can make all the guests involved in the celebration!

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