How to Make Your Backyard Come Alive

Small townhome garden with patio furniture amidst blooming lavender.

When it comes to yards, you have your front and your back. The front yard is there to impress onlookers. You need to keep it primp and proper to improve your curb appeal.

But the backyard is different. This is your special area to enjoy. You can use it for relaxing, for having fun, or for entertaining. The point is that you can transform your backyard however you want it.

So, how do you make your backyard come alive?

Let’s brainstorm…

1. Create a Hangout Spot

No doubt, you have big plans for your backyard. When you close your eyes, you can imagine all the fun you will have with family and friends.

In those moments, what does your backyard look like? Where are you hanging out? What style of entertaining are you doing?

Do you sit on Adirondack chairs around a DIY fire pit serving beers from your tiki bar or are you sitting around a sleek outdoor sectional with a gas fire pit built into your table with modern overhead mood lighting sparkling overhead?

Just sit and dream a bit. Then, recreate your dreams in your backyard. 

2. Make an Oasis

Another way to use your backyard is as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Even though we appreciate the convenience of a controlled temperature and the comfort of our EZ chair, sometimes we need the relaxation that only fresh air can provide.

In your backyard, you should create a space that is your very own oasis. This can come in the form of a vine-covered trellis over a chair to sit and contemplate life.

Another oasis is a private corner with a hammock strung between two trees,

Whatever oasis you create, remember that the ability to invoke relaxation is key.

3. Add a Pergola

Pergolas can truly transform a space. They can be built over an outdoor dining area to provide some shade and potentially some protection from the rain.

Smaller pergolas can also be built over a swing or hammock for individualized privacy.

You can hang drapes across the length of pergolas for extra privacy and add color with potted plants. String lights across the top and you’ll have a place in which you love to spend time. 

4. Consider a Water Feature

Water is a powerful force. When you add these types of features to your backyard, you will reap the benefits.

You can add a fountain within any budget. From a small tabletop fountain to a large fountain feature in the middle of the yard, these will increase the value of your backyard.

You can choose to install a more natural water feature such as a rock waterfall or a koi pond or opt for a more man-made feature like a birdbath or statue fountain.

Of course, a swimming pool is the ultimate water feature but even they can come in all different shapes and sizes.

For some more ideas on how you can use water features in your yard, check out this article

5. Install the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime is the season for cookouts. Is your backyard prepared to host one?

If not, an outdoor kitchen may be the best project for you. 

You’ll want to choose your bar-b-que, charcoal, or propane, and any additional outdoor cooking appliances like a smoker or pizza oven.

Next, you’ll want to decide whether you want to create a built-in outdoor kitchen for freestanding. 

What other features do you want to include? A mini fridge? A grill station next to the grill? An awning to cook under? The sky’s the limit!

Check out these amazing outdoor kitchens for some inspiration. 

6. Get Creative with Your Fencing

The right fencing can add privacy and style simultaneously. A boring backyard can easily become an eye-catcher simply by bordering it with a modern fence.

Of course, modern isn’t the only type of fencing that transforms. Check out these fence design ideas to see what a fence can do for your backyard. 

7. Plant a Garden

Plants bring life to space. It doesn’t matter what kind.

You can plant a perfectly potted flower garden or spread wildflowers across a two-foot border and you’ll still bring life to a space.

For a Victorian feel, roses are the thing to cultivate. If you’re more into a tropical vibe, then you can plant large greenery, ferns, and palms.

You can mix edible plants with flowering plants. There really are no rules to follow when choosing how your garden will grow. 


You can transform your backyard into a beautiful space made just for you with these relatively easy projects. 

Now get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in your new backyard!

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