5 Best Jobs and Average Salary after MBA


Many professionals believe that having an MBA is the next natural step in boosting their careers. Regardless of your sector or professional specialization, an MBA has several advantages. Given the time commitment and cost, some people might question if getting an MBA is worthwhile. For people who intend to work in management, with financial institutions, or who have entrepreneurial aspirations, an MBA can aid in developing the leadership qualities necessary to thrive in these fields. Critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, communication skills, and leadership are just a few of the abilities that an MBA program helps students to develop. These abilities are essential for a successful career in the corporate world. With these vital skills at their disposal, MBA graduates can get employment with numerous MNCs, where they could earn handsome salaries.

What are the highest paying jobs after MBA in India? The offered salary for an MBA graduate in India is directly correlated with qualification and experience. The MBA specialization a candidate chooses will also affect their salaries. Finance, marketing, general management, business analytics, and entrepreneurship are among the MBA specialties that often fetch the highest wages. The scope for MBA experts has drastically changed as a result of the rapid change in industries. If a student lacks decent amount of work experience then they can look for MiM programs like MiM in Spain and MiM in France.  According to the candidate’s choice of domain and specialization, the highest paying jobs in India after an MBA provide salaries ranging from Rs 4,00,000 to 32,00,000 annually. This article will provide you with the 5 best jobs that you can consider after completing an MBA, as per your area of specialization.

Top 5 Jobs and average salary after an MBA degree

  • Best Job for MBA Finance Graduates

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance program teaches students how to manage, supervise, and evaluate the collection, investment, and use of financial resources. Through this course, the aspirant can learn and make money by analyzing company reports, predicting business trends, maximizing stock prices and profitability, minimizing financial risks, and managing capital investments, which opens up several chances for them in the financial sector.

The highest-paying job you can have with an MBA in finance is Corporate Controller, which pays an average salary of INR 12 Lakhs.

Account Managers, Credit Managers, and Financial Analysts are additional career options for MBA Finance graduates.

  • Best Job for MBA IT Graduates

MBA Information Technology, or MBA IT for short, is an increasingly popular 2-year MBA specialty for students who wish to study business and information systems and integrate business methods with contemporary ideas of information security, project management, and telecommunications.

You can work as a project manager with an MBA in IT, which is one of the highest-paid jobs paying an average salary of INR 12 Lakhs.

Other career options following an MBA in IT include business development manager, IT consultant, data processing manager, business analyst, etc.

  • Best Job for Logistics Management Graduates

A two-year program in MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management equips students with the analytical abilities and management techniques necessary for the movement of products and services by making effective use of inventories, customer service, warehouses, and storage.

Logistics Manager, with an average salary of INR 6 Lakhs, is the highest paying position available after completing an MBA in Logistics. Other common profiles are industry analysts, project managers, global logistic managers, operations directors, international logistics managers, transportation managers, etc.

  • Best Job for MBA Marketing Graduates

Students who pursue an MBA in marketing will learn how to use statistics, storytelling, communications, consumer behavior, and management skills to build a narrative around any specific product or service. With the expansion of digital marketing in India, MBA marketing has been given a boost.

You can advance in your present position and become eligible for management and executive roles with the help of an MBA in marketing. Graduates can transition to marketing roles with ease since postgraduate business schools focus on improving leadership and communication abilities. These abilities are the foundation of every senior-level employment, regardless of your interest in sales, business development, media and entertainment, advertising, brand management, or even general management.

The highest-paying position for MBA Marketing graduates is senior marketing manager, with an average salary of INR 1.3 crores. You can also work as a Marketing Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Area Sales Manager, or as a Project Manager

  • Best Job for MBA HR Graduates

The 2-year postgraduate Master of Business Administration or MBA in Human Resource Management program is available to anybody with a Bachelor’s degree in any stream. For those with strong communication skills and the capacity to see an organization’s bigger perspective, an MBA in HR is the ideal degree. It teaches students the necessary methods for efficiently managing human resources.

You may work as an HR Manager or Employee Relations Manager with an MBA in HR earning an average salary of INR 7-8 Lakhs.

Aspirants should be aware that finding a job after an MBA is not a tough endeavor. After completing an MBA, there are several employment alternatives accessible, and it is the duty of the students to choose the appropriate position from the available options. To weave the road to success, the students must create a list of possibilities, weigh the benefits and drawbacks, and remove the thorns. Some candidates prefer to select an interesting and exciting career over one that pays more, and vice versa. It is crucial to assess whether a particular job opportunity is right for you or not.

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