Effective Way for Straightening One or Two Crooked Teeth


People opt for orthodontic treatment only if they have tooth rotation, jaw misalignment and crowing. But most are in confusion when they think of what to do when there is a crooked tooth or two. They have many questions roaming in their minds. Healthy bites are only matter of time and patience while undergoing proper orthodontic care.

They cannot think of putting on the braces for a year. It is really tough to make the decision if it compromises with the smile and appearance. But there is a solution and how you are going to achieve that is all about what written in this blog. So, don’t miss to read it out.

Main cause for crooked front teeth   

Invisalign is recommended for treating minor to moderate orthodontic problems like crooked teeth. The treatment is a suitable option in comparison to braces and it usually requires less time for completion.  There are some cases when Invisalign might need six weeks only.

Most Invisalign patients suffer from minor cases of orthodontic problems. But teenagers and adults who suffer from severe dental misalignment and jaw malocclusions cases might opt for Invisalign too. They may even need additional attachments.

The provider takes digital impressions of your teeth to find out if you are the right candidate for the procedure. After this, he uses the images for making clear braces that differ in size and match with your teeth shifting.

Then he uses the moulds to make braces from clear plastic that are almost impossible to see. You need to wear each set of aligner trays for two weeks and you might need additional trays in due course.

Is it possible to obtain hereditary crooked teeth?

Dental malocclusions are often hereditary. Often you will see that the elders and aged persons of the family will experience the orthodontic problems. Therefore, your kids are also prone to this condition from the young age. Individuals having congenital disease experience cleft palate or lips, irregular lower or upper jaws growth and unusual bite patterns.

Can Invisalign straighten slightly crooked teeth?

Invisalign is suitable for moderate to minor issues including isolated crooked tooth. In contrast to standard braces it is more subtle and consumes short time to finish especially when there is no need for correcting the entire bite.

Even Invisalign consumes much shorter time as 6 weeks to finish. It is only viable to the patients having mild oral issues. However jaw malocclusions and severe oral misalignment need Invisalign conjuncts with additional attachments for fixation.

On checking the patient’s eligibility, dentists take dental digital impression for creating the aligner to shift the teeth gradually. Mostly, you need to put on the aligner for a couple of week before switching to another. On the basis of your response the additional treatment and trays will require. In the meantime, you can ask the orthodontist regarding the expected plan and length of the treatment respectively.

Conventional braces and accelerators

Traditional braces are right option if the teeth get out of set. Any kind of traditional orthodontic appliances including stainless steel braces are highly durable and reliable for your treatment. Clear braces are also there. As it uses wires and brackets it is less prominent than metal.

But patients start concerning more listening to put up on conventional long time braces. At some clinics you will find acing dentists who will make the orthodontic treatment easier than ever.

They accelerate the treatment using state-of-the-art technology and PROPEL system. It involves the usages of small electrical pulses for vibrating the teeth stimulating the near ones.

This additional motion encourages the movement of teeth at rapid rate. By using the instruction of the dentist, it will shorten the treatment time up to 60%.

Advantages of correcting slightly crooked teeth?

A tooth or two becomes serious concern as orthodontic seems pivotal for you. Firstly, it enhances the appearance. Isolate teeth acquire attention from other features of the face making the smile a bit awkward.

In many cases, it makes you appear a bit young or older. Secondly, orthodontic improves overall oral health. You will face difficulty to clean the trapped bacteria from overlapping teeth. As a result, Invisalign lessens the chance of gum disease, discolouration and decay.

Additionally, there is a link within heart and oral health. Therefore, you must keep proper care of your dental health. By this way you can reap all the benefits according to your age.

Moreover, a crooked tooth can ruin the entire bite exerting pressure on the isolated teeth. Eventually, you will suffer from TMJ disorder, cracked tooth and dental erosion.

You can address speech impediment by correcting misaligned and crooked tooth. Afterwards you will feel more relaxing during interacting in public.

Reach out to us for beautiful, straight smile

Now you can correct 1 or 2 crooked teeth easily while having the long term benefits. Consult an appointment with the dentist to get Invisalign clear aligner. Engage in a discussion with them for knowing more about the treatment. 

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