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How Magento Multi-Vendor Website is the Right Choice for you



Magento Multi-Vendor Website

Developing an eCommerce store is a pretty obvious thing to do these days. Now what’s more interesting is how to enhance your eCommerce venture in a brief span of time. Well, the following post focuses on how to make the most of the Magento Multi-vendor website and increase the scope of growth and profit.  Magento is one of the most prominent and recommended eCommerce platforms in the industry, no two ways about it. And one shouldn’t be ignoring the fact that the platform comprises numerous features, regular updates and high-end security. This turns out to be pretty much beneficial. Also, you may come across several posts focusing on tips and tricks to secure your eCommerce store. You see today security has become one of the major concerns and reasons for customers availing your services online.

What are the Multi-vendor eCommerce Websites?  

As the name implies, a multi-vendor website is a mere store mainly used by third-party vendors to sell everything in one place. Think of this as a virtual exhibition where different store owners tend to run their respective shops in one place. 

Still confused? Here’s another relatable example for you, think of this place as a mall. A place comprising different stores and shops featuring a wide range of products. Each shop is owned by a different person. And also, they no longer have the burden of storing products for long or delivering them. Take this mall as your online eCommerce setup. And this is what a multi-vendor marketplace is all about. 

A multi-vendor marketplace works well with store owners. Also, it enables store owners to keep the communication straight. What happens is, that the vendor is supposed to register and once the registration happens customers can easily start purchasing from them, almost all payments are transferred to the store admin easily, and the process goes on. 

Further below I would like to mention certain benefits of developing a multi-vendor marketplace. 

Benefits of Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Today more and more businesses are willing to have substantial growth, for that all you have to do is simply mold your strategy. Adapting and implementing new trends is something that has to be taken into consideration. If you want to climb the ladder of success, then this stepping stone must be embraced. Now it’s time to think of certain benefits of a multi-vendor marketplace. 

#1 More and more products

A multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace acts as a host to a wide range of sellers who tend to sell different types of things. Also, as a customer, they do get the privilege of buying a different bunch of products under one roof. And maybe that’s the reason why more and more customers are attracted to such stores. They no longer have to visit different stores and waste time and energy. 

#2 Low operation Costs

When you open a multi-vendor marketplace, you don’t have to invest loads and loads of time, and money in designing or manufacturing products, maintaining it or even managing logistics. Here the seller is responsible for all the stuff. In addition, by having a huge marketplace by your side, businesses can easily promote their space by using social media, scale their operations well and maintain the site.   

You see here all you have to do is create visual storefronts and see the magic. 

#3 Easy Inventory Management

Now here we are talking about a Multi-vendor marketplace, so it’s not about just one person or store, it’s about multiple options. Here each vendor is solely responsible for storing, managing as well as updating their respective bunch of goods and inventories. With this multi-vendor marketplace, businesses do get relief from the financial burden. So all they have to do is focus on their core competencies, i.e. focusing on website improvements, and come up with different ways to scale your business with more focus and efficiency. 

These were the benefits of the Multi-vendor Marketplace, now we will see how Magento fits in precisely. 

  • Provides high-end performance
  • A plethora of integrated payment gateways
  • Extensions and Modules
  • PWA support can be expected 
  • Responsive design, scalable, flexible and high-end customized solutions

  Still, are you confused about whether Magento is the perfect choice for a multi-vendor marketplace or not? Well, in simple words if you are seeking an eCommerce platform that offers complex customization or versatility, and high-end support, look no further than Magento. 

Why Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace instead of any other platform? 

Stating the obvious, every business irrespective of its size is found jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon. So what can make you a cut above? Of course, having a marketplace that has a wide range of features and works wonders for everyone whether it’s a seller, customer or admin. Of course, you can choose Woocommerce instead of Magento for your marketplace but several studies have shown that customers happen to face more issues while using these platforms. Also, down below I would like to mention certain advantages of using Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace over others. 

#1 If you Want to Take a Break? Sure, go ahead!  

Yes, you read it absolutely right! As a seller, you do get an adequate opportunity to take a break from the marketplace. The Magento Multi-vendor marketplace enables sellers to go on vacation mode. All they have to do is raise a request to the admin and that’s all. After raising their request, they can disable their respective marketplaces for a while and enjoy time with their loved ones. In simple words, while you are in your vacation mode, your profile gets inactive. 

#2 Get Global Presence in No-time

Another advantage is your business receives a global presence. The more you showcase your business across the globe, the more likely it is to succeed. In fact, here vendors can get access to those remote areas across international borders. Of course, you need to consider the packaging, shipping and logistics, but this is something that’s quite manageable. So fret not! 

#3 Easy returns 

Do you know one of the major benefits that customers, especially the millennials and gen-z are considering online stores over physical ones? They don’t have to go anywhere. The product will be delivered and can be easily returned in a short span of time. In addition, now not every product that you buy online fits you easily, right? In that case, what you do is either return or refund. Now, what if the website doesn’t offer easy returns or refunds? I am sure you will never get back to the website and stop your loved ones from doing so. 

Well, with Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace, that’s certainly not the case. Here whether you want to return the product or get a refund or replace requests, things can be done easily and effortlessly.  

#4 Feature-Rich Platforms

Another advantage of Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace is that it offers feature-rich platforms. Now, what kind of features and functionalities do they offer? Well, from supervising vendor’s products and services to forwarding relevant queries to the owner, customers being able to purchase products from different vendors, user-friendly interface, controlling and managing different products seamlessly, and so forth

#5 Overall Business Growth

Last but certainly not least, multi-vendor marketplaces tend to offer a wide range of benefits. As a business, you can add as many catalogues and categories as you want and of course, doing so can definitely assist you well in scaling up your business. 

To stand out well among the crowd, all you have to do is scale up your business in the least amount of time and this happens only by considering Magento Multi-vendor marketplace. The concept is pretty much in vogue and has no chance to slow down anytime soon. So the only option you are left with is to ride the wave instead of just sitting and whining about these new technology-based changes. 

No wonder, concepts like eCommerce and Magento have successfully changed the landscape and not making the most of it, could be a big mistake. 

A successful eCommerce store never happens by itself. It is created with the help of a wide range of tools and technologies, extensions and a successful multi-vendor marketplace is no exception here. Further below I would like to mention some of the best Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions to Consider. 

Top Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions to Consider

  • Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor by Magenest

This one is one of the top and most prominent multi-vendor extensions available around. So the list must begin from here. Why Magenest? Well, since this one offers a wide range of toolkits and services that ensure a high traffic boost, I say why not! 

By using this extension in particular, what happens is you can manage a wide range of vendors easily and all this is done in both a seamless and systematic manner. Some of the core benefits of this extension in particular are: 

  • Keeping control over all kinds of orders and products
  • Each vendor gets a fixed commission
  • Consumers can easily purchase products from different vendors 
  • There is scope for the valuable feedback
  •  Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor by Apptha

Apptha extension can be downloaded for free. If you are willing to develop a profitable and purposeful eCommerce Marketplace then this is the right choice. Why Apptha? Well, it supports 100% customization as well as different currencies, languages and payment gateways. 

Some of its core features include – a seller dashboard, vendor-specific URL, a dashboard for the admin, the commission is flexible and so forth. Not to mention that this Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension is compatible with Magento 2.0.x; 2.1.x; 2.2.x; 2.3.x; 2.4.x  

  • Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor by Magebay

This one is worth considering for those who wish to open a multi-vendor marketplace site in your mind. Here in this particular marketplace, all the items can be managed by the vendor himself using his dashboard. Now what makes this Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor by Magebay a cut above? Well there are a plethora of features included such as: 

  • Built-in system supervision via using Magento backend
  • Option for one-time payment for the lifetime
  • All business models can be well-taken care of whether its B2B or B2C or C2C
  •  Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor by Webkul

Now we all know that a multi-vendor marketplace extension has the potential to convert existing Magento store into a complete online shopping mall marketplace. And of course, such marketplaces have the potential of having multiple sellers. And you know what’s the best part, each seller has the potential to manage almost everything from their respective products and whatnot! Some of the core highlights of this Magento Marketplace Multi-vendor by Webkul include: 

  • Creation of a quick and intuitive interface for both customers as well as the sellers. 
  • Sellers can be managed in both ways manually as well as automatically. 
  • The storefront profile can be managed by the vendors using the dashboard 
  • Separate commissions are being set here 
  • Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor by CedCommerce

And last but certainly not the least we have is the Magento marketplace multi-vendor by CEDCommerce. Did you know that top online marketplaces such as Amazon and ebay has induced such an incredible shift. And this is has certainly made some drastic changes in the way people seem to shop these days. CedCommerce can assist well in achieving this and way beyond. Some of the core features of CedCommerce include: 

  • Facilitates B2B and B2C marketplaces
  • Leverages the full potential of Mobile Commerce
  • Support of the local courier 
  • Support a wide range of multiple payment methods
  • Headless PWA marketplaces 


I hope the article has offered optimum information on the Magento Multi-vendor marketplace. Well, now you know what combining Magento with your multi-vendor marketplace is like combining peanut butter and chocolate, it can never go wrong. Not to mention that the platform’s open-source nature ensures easy customization due to which widespread adoption has been observed among merchants and developers these days. 

So this is it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading the post and if you did, please ensure to spread the word among your circle. Time to make the most of the go-to eCommerce platform, time to leverage the concept of multi-vendor marketplaces. Good luck! 

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How to Convert OLM File to PDF on Mac- Latest Technique



OLM to PDF Converter for Mac

How do I open an OLM file on a Mac without Outlook?” This is a common query among many Mac users. However, the search engine is filled with multiple different solutions but picking up the right one is difficult for the users. So stay on this blog, here we will share some of the best-performed techniques that will help to convert OLM files to PDF. 

An OLM is a file type that Mac Outlook uses to store data, including emails, tasks, notes, etc. Users sometimes want to backup their Mac Outlook data to protect it from various malware attacks or corruption. The best solution is to save OLM files as PDFs. A PDF file format is the best option when we want to backup or save the data locally.

What are the reasons to Convert OLM Files to PDF? 

There are many advantages of saving your data in a PDF file. Here we have mentioned a few of them.

  • The PDF file format provides better data security.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere at any given time.
  • This file format can also be used for legal documentation.
  • It makes it easy to share and print the data.
  • Users can encrypt PDF files to protect confidential data.

The above-shared benefits prove why choosing the PDF file format is a better choice to save data. Let’s move on and look at the different techniques to save Mac Outlook emails as PDFs. 

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How do I open an OLM file on a Mac without Outlook? 

There are two ways to convert an OLM file to PDF. We will talk about both the manual and professional approaches in detail. We will start by sharing the manual approach first. Follow every step carefully.

#1. Convert OLM to PDF Manually

Users can opt for the Print feature option to individually save the OLM files into a PDF file format on Mac Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook on your Mac device.
  2. Select the desired email that you want to convert.
  3. From the new window, select File and choose the Print option.
  4. In the print dialogue box, click on the drop-down box and select Save As PDF.
  5. Set or choose the custom location to save the file.

Using the manual method, users can convert only a few or selective OLM files into PDFs and can not perform batch conversion. There are many other drawbacks to saving Mac Outlook emails as PDFs manually. Let’s take a glance at these drawbacks.

Downsides of the DIY Method 

The manual method to convert OLM files to PDF is not the most opted solution because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Users can not bulk save multiple OLM files using the manual approach.
  • Individually saving the files can result in the repetition of the data.
  • Data originality may be compromised during the process. 
  • Saving large-size OLM files using this method can be troublesome.
  • Mismanagement of orders can take place.

To overcome this drawback, a professional Mac OLM to PDF converter tool is the best solution. This method provides 100% accurate results in a secure manner.

#2. Save OLM file as PDF Automatically

The MacSonik OLM to PDF Converter for Mac is a stand-alone utility that effortlessly converts OLM file data into PDF format. It is a 100% reliable and risk-free solution to convert OLM files to PDF. The folder hierarchy is perfectly maintained throughout the conversion process by keeping data security high. The multifunctional features help in transferring the OLM files with 100% accuracy. Users can perform the conversion of multiple OLM files in a single click without any data alteration including attachments and other mailbox items.

Steps to export Outlook emails from OLM to PDF

  1. Run the MacSonik OLM to PDF Converter on your Mac device.
  2. Select Single/Multiple file selection Mode and add OLM files.
  3. Check the required folder from the displayed tree structure.
  4. Now, choose the desired location to save the resultant file.
  5. Finally, hit the Convert button to start the conversion process.

Some Advantages of Mac OLM to PDF Converter

  • This method helps to convert OLM to PDF file format in bulk.
  • It removes any duplicate emails from the process.
  • Users can save the attachments separately in different folders. 
  • No data alteration takes place throughout the conversion process.
  • You can use OLM Converter for Mac to convert OLM emails to PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, CSV, etc.


Data saved in PDF format provides better security as compared to any other file format. In this blog, we have mentioned the various techniques along with the benefits to convert OLM files to PDF with ease. To eliminate the drawbacks of the manual approach, it is advisable to go with the professional approach to convert the files quickly and safely.

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Why are Social Networks so Addictive?




Social networking sites allow us to connect with people worldwide in a quick way. We can now communicate with people from all around the world. People love to follow the latest trends and be on what is popular. They want to be part of something new, exciting, and talked about. Social networking sites have done this for us, allowing us to connect with people worldwide instantly.

Social media is used by many organizations to advertise their products and services through the best social media app like PickZon, Facebook, and Instagram. Businesses use these platforms because they can reach out directly to their customers without having to pay high fees or spend money on expensive advertisements. Social media allows company’s access to their customers at any time during the day or night when they are online rather than only during business hours when most people are at work.

Companies use social media as a way of getting more exposure for their brand so that they can increase their sales figures by attracting new customers from other locations around the globe who may have never heard of them before but do now after seeing an advert on the best social media app.

Here are some benefits of social media in your personal & professional:

Personal Development: 

Social media is crucial for your development, both academically and personally. Social media teaches you how to communicate with strangers and convey your feelings without using words. By paying attention to other influences, you will develop your fashion sense. 

Extended Brand Awareness: 

Improving memorability and compassion is one of the most crucial exhibit goals for every association. Given that customers must purchase well-known brands, this makes it reasonable. The degree of brand persistence displayed by some consumers can have a big impact on associations.

In contrast to conventional media, social media offers the advantage of quickly boosting the number of potential clients who may view your image. In any event, people are drawn to your picture or product even when they aren’t paying attention to it.

Education & Information: 

Social media has evolved into our instructor in the digital age, and we learn from it. YouTube and other social media platforms teach you both the knowledge from the book and new information. You may discover what you’re enthusiastic about reading and watching through social media.

We used to acquire the news via TV and radio, but today social media has replaced those sources as a new means to obtain information. You may learn about new topics every day through social media, and you can access information at your fingertips. Information is fact-based knowledge.

Helps you acquire market knowledge: 

There is no doubt that the way businesses serve their clients has changed as a result of online gambling. By keeping an eye on the development of your electronic entertainment profiles, you may have meaningful contact with the wants and requirements of your customers. This information might be crucial when you evaluate your sector and make decisions about your business. Online games may also be used as a comparative research technique to help you understand your clients better. By talking to your consumers, you may discover their unquenchable desires and use this information to weaken your business.

To effectively build your business, use PickZon, the best social media app for businesses that encourages free business growth. You are free to list as many products as you like on the app, which is free. The PickZon app is equipped with all the features a person or business visionary may need to properly emphasize their attempt to achieve their goals. Additionally, PickZon excels at producing quick films; you may make clips with a selection of music or talking. Any conversation or Shayari you compose can even incorporate your voice. 

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[Free] Best IG Tools To Help You Grow Your Account




Gaining followers on Instagram can be tough but nowadays as there is the existence of multiple ig tools instagram, the job might become easier than before. You might not be able to think how difficult it would be to generate new followers on Instagram without using any tools. Using ig tools to attract new followers can be a great idea. This will ensure the growth of your business. So, gain your Instagram followers through tools. 

Instagram is a necessary social media platform for all marketers. Well, the existence of your account won’t make any difference unless and until you make your account impactful. And this impact can be laid out with the help of useful tools which will help you in growing your business. It might be very tedious to ensure continuous footfall on your social media platforms. This is because today, there’s a lot of competition in the market going on and that is why brands need to go unique with their approach to attract new customers. 

There are several aspects that you need to consider to ensure the growth of your business such as enhanced engagement rate, building social proof, spreading brand awareness, generation of leads, and more. The most powerful aspect is to grab more igtools followers

Today in this blog, we will help you with a handful of Instagram tools that will help you achieve your business goals along with increasing your follower list. 

Top Instagram tools to help grow your account in 2022!

  • Kicksta

All your business needs are organic followers. This can be attained with the help of tools known as Kicksta. The main thing about Kicksta is that this helps businesses in getting real-time followers using an organic growth method. Using black hat tactics in building up your followers won’t last till longer and that is why Kicksta got invented. Furthermore, the accounts that kicksta will target won’t be bots, fake accounts, or spam accounts so you do not have to worry about that. This is a proprietary AI-powered technology which has constantly been modified over the past 5 years. Kicksta is a special ig tool that is trusted by a lot of influencers, brands, and agencies. 

  • Hootsuite’s Composer

Hootsuite is an easy-to-use interface that helps creators in creating and scheduling Instagram posts to be published later. Composer is a powerful ig tool that comes with a variety of features such as editing, customizing, scheduling, and much more. igtools net like Hootsuite is quite beneficial. 

Moreover, creators also get free recommendations to upload their posts at the best times. This data will be based on the times when you can get the most engagement in terms of impressions, click-throughs, igtools likes, and more on your Instagram posts. 

  • Social Pilot

Many businesses such as start-ups and small scales cannot afford tools that demand hefty amounts and that is the reason why Social Pilot came into existence. Well, this is a cost-effective solution as compared to its rivals. Social Pilot is a great platform to enhance the performance of marketing campaigns. With the use of Social Pilot, the performance of each ongoing campaign can be tracked easily. 

Furthermore, the customer service of Social Pilot is so effective as they assist their customers rapidly in case of any query. Social Pilot has the capability of connecting multiple social media platforms and then managing them in one place itself. This way the businesses would not have to purchase different tools for different purposes. That is why Social Pilot is increasingly preferred by growing businesses. 

  • Iconsquare

Well, iconsquare is another famous Instagram marketing tool that is being increasingly preferred by businesses, and influencers these days. Using Iconsquare, you can easily schedule your posts for both of your social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. Through this, you can even monitor the engagement rate for both of them in real-time. 

Moreover, Iconsquare also comes up with a feature known as Conversions. Through this feature, you can easily know what people are saying about you on your social media profile. Not just this, iconsquare also allows you to monitor what’s working for your competitors by letting you spy on them and know how you can improve and do better than them. 

  • Later

Many Instagram influencers get confused about how they can create unique content so that they can distinguish themselves from their competitors. Well, later helps you on this part. It lets you create visually compelling content for your Instagram account so that more and more followers get engaged with it. This will ensure an increase in followers. Furthermore, this tool also lets you schedule posts for your Instagram account by just clicking on the drag and drop button. 

It is worth noting that later is just sufficient for small-scale organizations where only a bare minimum of features are required for the functioning part. This does not provide more premium features just like its competitor’s soo this might not be feasible for mid or large-scale businesses. 

  • Buzzoid

Do you want to grow your Instagram account in minutes? Try Buzzoid. This is a growth platform that simply offers followers and likes in minutes. The entire order of likes, followers, and engagement rate will be delivered in just an hour and if not, you will simply get your money back. Their price card ranges in a variety of factors so you can choose accordingly. 

  • Instaboostgram

Instaboostgram is another feasible tool to grow your Instagram account. The process of getting followers from instaboostgram is quite easy. All you need to do is choose your package, enter your username, and make your purchase and you will see the followers rolling into your account in no time. 


As there’s an increased reliance on social media platforms these days, more and more people, businesses, and influencers are relying upon social media tools such as Instagram for their growth. There’s an increased level of competitiveness on these platforms and this is where igtools story is working wonders. 

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