Importance Of Persuasive Writing In Academic Writing

Persuasive Writing

There are different types of writing that you can use in your academic work. The use of writing type differs as per the objective of academic work. Based on your research problem and objective, you have to decide what type of writing is best to use. You have to make sure that the writing type is best suitable to address your matter. Following are the main types of writing;

  • Persuasive Writing 
  • Narrative Writing 
  • Expository Writing 
  • Descriptive Writing 

Every writing type has a particular aim to achieve. In academic writing, your primary goal is to make your content valuable. The value of content quality is measured by the engagement of the reader and you can do so with the help of persuasive writing. Hence, in this article, we will discuss about different aspects related to persuasive writing. 

  • What is Persuasive in Academic Writing?

In writing, whenever you are supposed to convince someone, you have to use persuasive techniques. In persuasive writing, you have to provide a logical point with support. The presence of support forces the reader to believe in your point of view. You can support your point with the help of facts or some authentic stats. In the same way, you can use many other pieces of evidence to make your claim valuable. Whatever you use in your writing, it aims to convince the reader of something. Many people term persuasive writing as an argumentative one. If you deeply analyse both writing types, you will see that both are different types of writing.

In argumentative writing, you have to discuss the pros as well as cons of the mentioned topic. When you do so, the end result depends on the reader. Every person has a different set of priorities. Based on their priorities, people decide if the discussed thing is better for them or not. On the other hand, persuasive writing does not discuss all aspects of a single thing. In this type of writing, you have to keep your focus on a single aspect and try to convince the reader for whatever you are discussing. In simple words, persuasive writing demands to make the reader agree of what you convey. However, still there are options to get help from dissertation writing services.

  • Examples 

In the current century, technology is evolving on every single day. As technology evolves, it demands to focus on academic writing. Academic writing is a way to make technical and complex things simple to understand. Suppose you got an innovative idea. Before practical working on that idea, you have to do research on it. This research is the same as academic writing. In this case of writing, you have to be persuasive so that you can catch the attention of a reader. Also, you have to develop an interest among people for the topic of discussion. In academic writing, the major use of persuasive writing is in the business sector. For example, when your research topic is related to sales and purchase, you are more inclined towards the use of persuasive writing. 

  • What is the Importance of Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing has become an unelectable part of our lives. If you focus on surroundings, you can see that most of the conversation and writing is persuasive. If you have a look at columns of a newspaper, you can see how the writer has tried his best to change your mind for a thing. In the same way, different brands and companies ask you to trust their products. Here the brand and organisation aim to increase their customers. As the number of customers increases, the profit rate also increases up to a great extent. 

On the other hand, academic writers aim to increase their number of readers. The more number of readers shows that the content is valuable. You can say number of readers work as a measuring scale to judge the quality of content. In order to achieve this goal, writers prefer to go for persuasive writing. The ultimate goal of persuasive writing is to target the audience and gets the best out of it. 

The use of arguments in persuasive writing makes such a writing even more important. Because of evidence, the reader does not leave himself with confusion. Persuasive writing makes you feel confident about your discussion. That is why it is considered as a valuable asset of writing. Another best thing about this writing type is the development of critical thinking. By being persuasive in writing, you can work on the skill of critical thinking. 

  • What are the Roles of Persuasive and Critical Writing in Academic-Text? 

Critical writing demands to consider two different aspects. One of the aspects is to discuss your own point of view on the discussed issue. This aspect is the same as persuasive writing. So, you can say that persuasive writing is one essential element of critical writing. Both of these writing types play the following roles in academic text;

  • Critical Writing Makes you a Credible writer 

In critical writing, you have to research in detail. You are supposed to come up with accurate facts and figures to prove that your claim is right. The use of these accurate facts and figures works as support for your claim. In this way, it is not only the content that gets the worth of quality material, but you as a writer get the worth of credible writers. In academic writing, being a credible writer is not less than an award. So critical writing plays a role in proving you a credible writer. 

  • Persuasive Writing Improves Engagement 

Persuasive writing plays the role of best engagement between reader and writer. Being persuasive helps you play with the mind of the audience. You get to know about your targeted audience and understand their needs. By addressing their needs, you force them to remain engaged till the end. Academic text is a kind of dry discussion, but persuasive writing makes it interesting to read. 

Final Thoughts 

From all types of writing, the use of persuasive writing is way more than others. The reason behind this is the style of persuasive writing. It makes dry and boring content an interesting one. That is why it has so much worth in academic writing. 

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