Interesting Medicinal Values Of Mallow Flower Which You Should Know


The mallow flower is a beautiful multi-coloured flower that is traditionally used to cure many diseases. It is very easy to nurture and maintain these plants. We always order flowers online during festivals and see how they make our loved ones happier or make relationships healthier. Still, there is one of the most useful flowers named Mallow we are going to discuss in this article. Beauty and charm always captivate everyone’s heart, but there are a lot of impressive medicinal benefits of mallow flowers which you should be aware of. So, let us begin with them.

Mallow Flower Description

Mallow is a part of the family of beautiful Malvaceae plants. There are some other members of this family such as cotton, hibiscus and okra. This plant can be used for decorative and healing purposes. The flowers have fruits that are cheese-like in shape, and that is why it is called a cheese plant. This is a tufted perennial with stout stems growing to 4 feet. Soft green-fingered leaves and 5-petaled flowers in the leaf axils thrive over a long duration. Fastigiata, with pink flowers, has darker veining and Mallow related variety, Alcea with white blooms on slightly lower stems. The plant is a native of Northern Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

How to Grow Mallow Flowers

If you wish to grow Mallow plants, you should grow them in early spring. For those planning to plant them as annuals, they should plant the seeds continuously from spring to early summer. This will give your backyard a steady bloom of Mallow beauties. If you want an indoor start, we advise using peat containers or pots. Transplant before roots begin to arise through the pot. The plant takes two weeks to germinate so leave it in the pots for about eight weeks before transplanting in your garden. When sowing seeds in your garden, ensure that you space small varieties at 30 t0 45 cm apart. So, if you are looking for online flower delivery for your loved ones, let them know about this so they can go on their desired plant like yours— the Mallow.

How to Care for Mallow Flowers

Mallow plants are easy to take care of. Although they grow better in a sunny environment, they can still thrive in partial shade. When the plant reaches 12 inches height, you should pinch back the tip; this ensures that the plant is more compact. Once they are entirely matured, mallow plants thrive solely in nearly all environmental conditions. Although they can grow in dehydration, they bloom better in a well-watered area. Add the fertilizer when you feel that the soil nutrient has exhausted. You should remove spent buds so that they can grow new blooms. If you want to create a perfect seeding condition, cut the plant back by a third after the first set of a flower has withered. Cut them further, when they start sinking.

Health Benefits of Mallow Flowers

The flowers and leaves of most mallows contain vitamin C, mucus, tannins, flavonoids, tannins and essential oils. The flowers of common Mallow are the only known source of glycoside malvin, a naturally occurring chemical. Another species of mallows named Malva sylvestris is traditionally used as a medicine to cure irritation of the mouth throat infection, bronchitis, dry cough, emphysema and asthma. Mallows are used to treat swelling of the mucous membrane in the stomach, intestine, and mouth. Herbalists use Mallow buds to treat constipation, headaches, toothaches, kidney stones, kidney inflammation, gallstones, gastritis and insomnia. You can use common Mallow to treat insect bite, eczema, wounds, boil, pimples, swelling and acne as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. They are used by almost all herbalists to treat diverse types of respiratory problems to help out in the mucosa of the respiratory tract to relieve pains. Don’t boil the Mallow plant if you want to use it for its healing properties.

While flowers have beauty, they also have various health benefits. The interesting fact we mentioned above the Mallow blooms will surely help you a lot in future. So once you send flowers online to Kolkata to your near and dear friends, don’t skip sharing this article with them and let them know everything about Mallow flowers. 

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