Sentinel App for Security Guard Patrolling System


The apartment security application’s sentinel app is designed to build an intelligent security portal at the entrance of a gated community. Smart management of security threats is the crucial factor in developing this application. The check-in and check-out point of the housing complexes is sensitive and should be handled neatly to avoid any security massacres. It can only be possible if the security guards are active and alert. Every nook and corner must be under the surveillance of guards. Guard Patrolling System has been introduced to integrate security and safety in a housing complex. Patrolling can deter crime on complex premises.

Why guard patrolling system is a must-have for housing complexes? 

  •  Easy hazard detection: 

Security guards can easily inspect hazards related to

Housekeeping like piled-up garbage, uncleaned recycle bins,

The Equipment hazards like faulted sprinklers, overheated boilers, etc.

Maintenance hazards like leaks, burnt-out lights, damaged areas, etc. 

  • Emergency detection: 

Stay active in attending to any kind of emergency situation and take necessary action instantly. guard patrolling system results in zero-delay tolerance for assistance requests from residents.  

  • Keeping the apartment safe from intrusion 

Often the risk of vandalism, thieving, and break is noticed in various apartments. Keeping an eye only on the entrance point of the apartment and paying no attention to the rest of the areas can bring on these risks more. 

  • Monitoring property assets and their status 

Patrolling also brings the advantage of lesser headaches in apartment asset monitoring. Guards can keep the apartment authority updated if every asset is working properly. Bringing attention to the broken assets at an early stage can save the extra costs of repairing. 

  • Checking for damaged property 

Report immediately if any part of the property is damaged. The chance of injury from the damaged property remains high if unattended. Guard Patrolling System is one of the solutions to stay away from these kinds of maintenance hazards.

Why Apartments are looking more for guard tour monitoring?

The point of concern begins, despite adding an extra layer of security for the housing complex with guard patrolling, massacres happen. Inactive and inattentive security guards can be one of the main reasons behind it. Checking continuously if the guards are patrolling by following the instructions is impossible. The housing security management system has introduced the Guard Patrolling System feature to monitor guards’ active routes.

Especially at night, a foolproof system is a prerequisite. Enforce certain routes and processes for effortless security maintenance. In-market Apartment security systems have apprehended the need of the hour along with coming up with a potential solution.

Guard patrolling is necessary to ensure safe living for the housing complex residents. However, even after implementing a strong guard patrolling system incidents occur in housing complexes. Guard tour management system can drag a line to these incidents. Track the guards while patrolling!

Follow simple processes through Guard Patrolling System to monitor guard patrolling.

  • Opt for your chosen routes for patrolling in your housing complex. Engage manpower for sensitive areas.
  • Add checkpoints as well as per the decided routes.
  • The checkpoints are geo-tagged to make sure that the guards are covering the location.
  • The guards need to scan the QR codes at the checkpoints to ensure they are covering the location.
  • Real-time notifications when the guards scan the codes.
  • Maintain accuracy of the housing complex guard patrol.
  • Get automated reports in detail to check the performance of the security guards.

Even minute negligence can result in massacres. Do not risk your housing complex. Deploy manual and technical security for each corner of your housing complex. Guard Patrolling System brings both at a time and ensures next-level security for your urban living.

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