How to Clean a Lenovo Laptop Fan

lean a Lenovo Laptop Fan

If you have a Lenovo laptop experiencing excessive noise, the fan may go bad. To clean this fan, you should remove any debris clogging it. To do this, you can either open the laptop or use compressed air to blow out any dust built up in the fan assembly and vents. If the fan is noisy, this may indicate that it’s time to replace it.

Remove Dust

If your fan has become clogged with dust, there are several ways to remove it. To start, you can use compressed air, also known as canned air, to blow dust out of the fan. Most Laptops fans can access most fans on laptops by removing the back cover. Use canned air or compressed air to blow the dust off the fan, and then plug the fan back in. Make sure to blow the dust out from several angles. If the fan is spinning too fast, it could damage it.

Adjust Fan Speed According to Host Heat Volume

A common way to adjust the fan speed is using the fan’s tachometer output. This output is usually displayed on the motherboard, allowing you to see the fan’s duty cycle and rate in the system tray. After powering on the fan, the FSPD bit will be set to 1. Upon reset, this bit will be cleared. The fan will always spin up. Hence, when installing a new lover, it is recommended to set the fan speed according to the host heat volume.

Use Compressed Air

If you’ve noticed that your Lenovo laptop fan isn’t rotating, you should consider using compressed air to remove the dust and debris from the system. If you’re unfamiliar with computer hardware, you may damage the CPU or the heat dissipaters by removing the parts. The fan may also need to be replaced now and then, so it’s important to keep the fan clean. To keep it running properly, clean the fan’s face with a cleaning cloth and replace it as needed. To prevent overheating or other common problems, clean the fan regularly.

Avoid vacuum cleaners

It may be tempting to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fans of your Lenovo laptop, but this can harm your computer’s sensitive hardware. Instead, use compressed air to clean the fan and the exhaust vents, typically located on your machine’s side and rear. Before using compressed air to clean the fan, shut down your computer first. The compressed air will loosen any dust, but you should always use a new cloth when it gets dirty.

Test fan

Using a can of compressed air, you can easily clean a Lenovo laptop fan. You don’t have to remove the fan to clean it, but you should remove the screws on the bottom panel of the laptop. The air will loosen dust that may be lodged in the fan vents and assembly. Then, use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down the fan and open vents inside the laptop.


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