Top Credit Card Frauds & Their Technical Solutions


When you have a credit card, then you can make numerous purchases without having to have the exact amount at hand. While credit cards are practically an essential part of life for most Americans now, they do come with their drawbacks. The major issue is that they are one of the largest segments for fraudulent activities. Hackers and other malicious parties are always on the lookout for ways to get your credit card information and misuse it. 

Banks do have their safeguards in place and do let you report such fraud, but the whole thing can be quite a hassle. You want to be able to access Spectrum call center and other such portals easily, with no worries about your financial information being at risk. 

Therefore, you should be aware of the technical solutions for common credit card frauds. Most of these solutions are quite easy to implement and will protect your information quite well. However, you should also be on the lookout for common credit card frauds, so that you’re not caught unawares. Here are a few of the most common fraudulent activities you’ll see, along with a list of technical solutions you should know. 

Common Card Frauds

Here are a few common credit card frauds you should look out for. These are happening all over the internet and in person, so you need to be careful about your information and protect it as much as possible. 

Counterfeit Cards

This was an especially prevalent fraud when credit cards first came onto the picture and became quite popular. People would use credit card machines to skim card information and then create duplicate cards for their own purposes. Banks and other financial bodies have introduced various technologies to counter this sort of fraud. 

Card Theft

Having your credit card stolen can be quite a hassle. This can happen due to carelessness or in a proper pickpocketing attempt. If your wallet gets stolen, then your finances can be quite at risk. Even if you know the bank will reverse any fraudulent transactions if you report them, the whole reporting mechanism and then getting a new card made can be quite frustrating. 

Card Interception in Mail

Mail fraud is also a problem with credit cards. Banks usually send your credit card in the mail, and malicious parties may intercept this mail, and steal your card even before you can use it. While this was a major issue a few years ago, security and activation are now very strong. This type of fraud is much less common now, but it still happens at times. Therefore, you still need to be on the lookout and receive your credit card as soon as possible after it is dispatched. Do not leave it lying around in your mailbox. 

Hacking Frauds

These are the most prevalent credit card frauds these days. This is because most people now make their purchases online and enter their credit card information. If a website is not secure or a hacker manages to break in, then your credit card information may be at risk. They may use it to make various purchases, and you need to report any suspicious activity you see immediately. 


Here are a few simple solutions to your credit card fraud issues. If you implement these technical solutions, your credit card activities will be much safer. 

CVV Verification

First of all, CVV verification and AVs verification have really helped counter a lot of financial fraud. This is because the three-digit code at the back of the card is not accessible by anyone else but you. Under the AVS system, you need to enter your address as well to complete a transaction. So, if you incorporate both these measures, it’ll be much harder to steal your information. This is because hackers will only be able to get one part of the puzzle, and can’t do any transactions without the rest of your information. 

Card Lock

This is one of the most simple and effective ways to counter credit card fraud. Most companies let you shut off your credit card remotely using your banking app. So, if you lose your card or if it’s stolen, you can immediately go into your app, and then lock the card to prevent any transactions. Then, the bank will handle the rest. Therefore, you should make sure you have access to your banking app at all times, and also know its username and password, in case your phone is stolen as well. 

Virtual Credit Card Numbers

These are a great way to disguise and protect your credit card information. A virtual credit card number is basically a fake number which is assigned to you for just one transaction. There are many companies that offer this service, and let you prevent your actual credit card information from being leaked. 

In conclusion, while there are many credit card frauds going around, you should be okay as long as you implement a few preventive solutions. In addition, you should not share your information with anyone, and make sure you use verified websites and payment portals. Also watch out for phishing scams, and above all else, if anything happens, report it immediately to your bank and to the relevant authorities.

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