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What are the 7 Major Psychiatric Disorders?

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You should know more about psychiatric disorders if you’re looking for the top 3 psychiatrists in Mumbai. Did you know that in 2019, statistics revealed that about 970 million people suffered from mental disorders? But, what exactly is a psychiatric disorder? A mental illness can only be accurately diagnosed by a mental health professional and some signs they look out for, include disturbances in one’s:- 

  • Cognitive and thinking ability 
  • Emotional regulation and moods 
  • Behavior

However, one needs to remember that a person is diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder only if it increases the person’s risk of a disability or pain and severely affects the person’s daily life. Now that we know what psychiatric disorders mean, let us look at the major psychiatric disorders that affect people all over the world. It is helpful if you become familiar with the medical terms before you look for the best mental health treatment in Navi Mumbai


The top 3 psychiatrists in Mumbai say that depression is a major mental disorder. Also known as a clinical disorder or major depressive disorder, depression severely affects one’s mood causing erratic behavior. It can also cause erratic behavior both mentally and physically that can highly impact their daily lifestyle. The top 3 psychiatrists in Mumbai prescribe medications, psychotherapy, or both to help with the psychiatric disorder. 

Anxiety Issues 

Most people experience anxiety occasionally, but if it is a major part of your life, you might have anxiety issues. Experiencing sudden pangs of anxiety or feeling terror reaching a peak in a few minutes is a major symptom of anxiety issues. The worst part is that these are difficult to control and can highly interfere with your daily life. Moreover, anxiety issues cause your mind to blow the problem out of proportion causing more complications. Some common forms of anxiety include – separation anxiety and other phobias. Irrespective of the form of your anxiety issue, seeking expert advice from the top 3 psychiatrists in Mumbai is important. 

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

People with OCD often repeat certain behaviors (i.e. their compulsion) due to a pattern of unwanted feelings, thoughts, or fears (i.e. the obsession). These obsessions might highly affect the person and cause them significant distress. Ignoring the obsession and not giving in to performing the repeated behavior can cause anxiety. Thus, people give in to their OCD and perform compulsive activities to ease themselves. The vicious cycle of OCD is difficult to escape, which is why you should seek the best mental health treatment in Navi Mumbai or your city. 

Bipolar Disorder 

Most people term bipolar disorder as manic depression as it has the same symptoms but is more pronounced. The patients face unexplained extreme mood swings with highs (mania) and lows (depression). One might lose interest in daily activities or their favorite hobbies during the depressive phase. However, they are the complete opposite, full of energy, and ecstatic during the mania period. The extremities in mood can hinder one’s daily lifestyle, and ability to comprehend and cause behavioral issues. 

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that is commonly found in victims and witnesses of unfortunate events. One often gets severe anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and uncontrollable thoughts about the traumatic event. It is often difficult for people to comprehend the event and adjust to the effects. However, the symptoms might get worse over time making it necessary to consult the top 3 psychiatrists in Mumbai


Schizophrenia is a serious mental condition where people interpret reality in a distorted version. They often experience delusions or hallucinate and have distorted thinking that causes disturbances in their daily activities. People with schizophrenia need lifelong treatment to prevent the condition from worsening. Otherwise, it might cause serious complications and disturb their motor skills. 

Personality Disorders 

Personality Disorders are when a person has an unhealthy behavior, functional, and thinking pattern. It causes people to behave erratically and might hinder their ability to relate/empathize with others. Thus, they might face problems and struggle with social activities and relationships. The majority of people with personality disorders do not suspect they have it as it is the normal standard for them. Some common personality disorders include – narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, and paranoid personality disorder. If you suspect that you are displaying unnatural behavioral patterns, consult one of the top 3 psychiatrists in Mumbai or your city. A professional mental health expert diagnoses mental disorders and outlines a diagnosis plan to help the patient get back to their normal lives. They might prescribe medications, therapy, or both to effectively treat psychiatric disorders. Book a consultation with experts on Bajaj Finserv Health App and seek the best mental health treatment.

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