Why Do You Need Nootropic to Boost Your IQ?


It might sound appealing to try a pill to boost your brain power regardless of whether or not you’re a student taking tests or a busy professional searching to advance or an older person concerned about dementia. Therefore, it’s not surprising that nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers or smart medicines are becoming more well-known. But do they actually work? Are they safe? The term “nootropics” was originally utilized to describe drugs that met the strictest requirements. Today, it’s applied to any chemical that is synthetic or natural which has the potential to enhance mental performance. Dietary supplements, synthetic chemicals and prescription medications are the three major types of nootropics.

Although most doctors believe that taking a prescribed nootropic to treat an FDA-approved cause (such as an anti-stimulant pill to treat ADHD or donepezil to treat Alzheimer’s disease) can benefit, use of any type of cognitive enhancer for healthy people is much more controversial.

A quick summary of some of the most often used nootropic is provided here, including wakefulness-promoting medicines like modafinil and numerous medications in the racetam family that is grouped due to their similar chemical composition. Be aware that these aren’t exhaustive descriptions. They are available in the sources that are cited. Nootropic are a good choice alone or in conjunction along with various other nootropics. Combinations like this are known as stacking. This type of substance, synthetic or natural, which is more thoroughly studied compared to the substances that are used in isolation.

Nootropic Types

Nearly everyone, regardless of regardless of whether they are aware or not, is an nootropic. Although it can be detrimental to your health if used in large quantities it is a natural stimulant that has improved cognitive performance. It’s more than just making you feel more alert. It also boosts the availability of brain molecules (neurotransmitters) which include Acetylcholine. This helps in long-term memory, as well as in learning. Modalert 200 Australia is among the top medications that aids in increasing the power of your brain.

The stimulants included in certain ADHD drugs, make up the majority of prescribed nootropics. Although they can be beneficial for many people with ADHD however, they’re not advised for those seeking to increase their focus and attention. A lot of college students purchase these drugs illegally even though they appear to be beneficial in the short-term but they are extremely risky. Sleepiness, blurred vision as well as high blood pressure high heart rate, circulatory issues and addiction are all possible adverse consequences. Modalert along with Modalert 200 allow you to utilize your brain power to its maximum capacity.


The substance is believed to increase the mental health benefits of coffee, while decreasing anxiety. L-theanine and caffeine can assist you in multitasking as per research. Consuming green tea that is pure that contains caffeine and L-theanine is the most healthy way to take advantage of this combination however, it’s also acceptable to mix regular tea or coffee with a supplement of L-theanine.

Caffeine is not recommended to be taken in the form of a powder or pill because it’s easily overdosed. Caffeine is harmful when taken in high doses, leading to seizures, racing heartbeats and even death. A teaspoon of caffeine pure contains the equivalent amount of caffeine as the equivalent of 28 cups coffee. The FDA took steps against companies that sell extremely concentrated and pure caffeine products, has pointed out that the difference between healthy and a dangerous amount of caffeine is a tiny amount.


An antidepressant that is widely employed in Europe has been proven to boost memory, at the very least in those suffering from dementia that is due to vascular tissues within the brain. There is no research on adverse reactions. So it is generally believed to be safe.

Monohydrate of creatine: Creatine is a typical element in bodybuilding supplements that helps in the growth of muscle mass. However, research has shown that it can help people in improving their thinking skills in short-term memory. It boosts the levels of a chemical known as ATP which results in an increase in the energy of cells.

Bacopa monnieri 

Sometimes referred to as Brahmi is a common Indian (ayurvedic) plant which some have suggested to aid in the brain’s ability to comprehend information faster. It stimulates dendrites (branches) of nerve cells to expand. You should expect to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for the results following beginning the process. Although it might seem like it’s a good idea to mix the vitamins mentioned above but a number of the products available offer exactly the same thing. Instead, you should try some or two for a few months then go on a break for a month before starting or switching to a different. His concern concerns that the some nootropic (including caffeine) could become tolerance, which means that you’ll need an increasing amount to be able to work.

Rhodiola Rosa 

Rhodiola Rosa is an annual flowering plant within the family of roses. Rhodiola Rosea can be described as an adaptable plant that helps with the management of stress.

Rhodiola supplementation with rosea has been proven in numerous studies to improve mood and decrease symptoms of fatigue in people who are anxious or stressed (22Trusted Source 23Trusted Source, 23Trusted Source).

Small doses daily of Rhodiola rosea have been shown to help college students deal with the stress of test time by reducing fatigue and enhancing feelings of wellbeing (24Trusted The Source).

It is necessary to find the right dosage and also to know more about the process by which the plant can provide these benefits.


Nicotine is a natural substance that can be present in a variety of plants which includes tobacco. It’s one of the ingredients which make cigarettes so addictive. Nicotine gum or nicotine patches can be used to absorb away nicotine or taken in by the skin.

Studies have shown that nicotine can have nootropic effects like increased concentration and alertness particularly for those who naturally have small focus spans (36Trusted Source 37Trusted Source, 37Trusted).

It is also known that it helps in motor function. Additionally, smoking cigarettes has also been linked to more fluid and quicker writing (38Trusted Source). But, since this drug can be dangerously addictive and even fatal when consumed in large amounts and in large quantities, it is advised to use with cautiousness (39Trusted Source).


Like any other dietary supplement, be aware that the FDA is not able to regulate nootropic as closely as they do prescription drugs. Find reputable products and be aware of your body’s signals If you notice negative side effects or don’t notice any improvement in the specified timeframe then you must quit. Modvigil along with Modvigil 200 are two of the medicines that increase the brain’s power.


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