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Why use PHP? Is it Still Better than Other Technologies?



Ease of use, open source, and flexibility makes PHP an indispensable programming language for developing dynamic websites. Its immense benefits have made it a considerable choice for diverse projects and PHP powers millions of websites around the world and countless web applications.

In fact, according to W3Techs, a mere four years ago, PHP was powering about 78% of all websites! It still powers 71% of the websites, claims W3Tech.

But why use PHP & why does this programming language still matter so much!

To analyze this, you must first understand: “What does a company look through while choosing a programming language?”

Many businesses today look at various factors when choosing a programming language for a project. Although time and budget are critical, other considerations should be noted when analyzing why to use PHP?

Any technology firm looking to hire programmers for your project will naturally choose one according to their criteria. If you want your application built by some of the best programming firms, you should know what they look at while hiring PHP developers.

Here are some of the crucial aspects to look for while choosing a programming language:

  • Ease of Use
  • Open source making it affordable
  • Whether it’s Versatile & Flexible
  • Speed performance
  • Scalability offered
  • Libraries, frameworks, & community support
  • Compatibility with emerging technologies AI, BigData, etc. &

Let’s analyze how PHP performs under these criteria:

#1: Ease of Use

PHP is straightforward to use. A developer with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can learn PHP in a few days. Its syntax is similar to C language, making it easy for developers to understand. It also has a wide range of built-in functions that make development easier.

Some of the elements that make it easy to use are the availability of a wide range of built-in functions and the following:

  • It is a dynamically typed language.
  • It is case-sensitive.
  • Its syntax is much similar to the C language.
  • The cross-platform nature makes it easy for developers.
  • Integrable with other languages like C, C++, Java, etc.
  • It has a wide range of built-in functions that make development easier.
  • Supports all notable servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc.

Verdict: Pass

#2: Open Source Makes it Affordable for Developers & Enterprises

PHP is a notable open-source, server-side scripting language that is especially suited for web development. The acronym stands for Hypertext Preprocessor because it evolved into a powerful platform used to develop dynamic and interactive websites.

The fact that it is open-source ensures it’s easy to customize. These features make PHP a favorite among developers. In short, it’s free and open-source software which means that anyone can learn, modify or redistribute without any cost.

Verdict: Pass

#3: PHP is Versatile & Flexible

Rasmus Lerdorf built PHP to be both versatile and flexible. Programmers worldwide use PHP-based solutions like WordPress, Wikipedia, etc., because it’s easy to use. And because it runs on a web server, your code is stored on a computer instead of on your personal computer.

So, web programmers can make edits from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Using PHP also makes it possible for developers to write code that works with MySQL databases.

Overall, developers can create any type of project using this programming language. PHP is a good choice for many projects, whether looking for eCommerce, CMS, or mobile solutions. Since it’s such a popular language, plenty of resources are available to help you learn how to use it and build your projects with it.

The cross-platform support combined with smooth integration with other programming languages makes it one of the most advanced languages available. It’s also one of the most secure, fastest, and most popular programming languages used in large-scale websites such as Facebook and Yahoo.

Verdict: Pass

#4: Speed performance Offered by PHP Language

 The speed at which a software program runs can be crucial for many companies. In terms of performance, PHP is one of the very few languages that can outperform traditional server-side programming languages such as C or Java.

The processing power offered by a single thread in PHP is comparable to that provided by a web server’s operating system environment. This feature helps improve your site’s response time and lets you build faster, more dynamic, and responsive applications without worrying about slowdowns or delays.

Programmers cannot deny that PHP fails to compete with languages such as Java and C++ in processing power. However, it still offers more than many other server-side programming languages.

Hiring PHP developers who know how to cope with these aspects of the programming language. For example, the following activities can help reach high-speed performance:

  • Stick to Native PHP Functions
  • Using OPCache on PHP Server
  • Minify Caching
  • Constantly Update to the Latest PHP Version
  • Inspecting performance bottlenecks
  • Code optimization

Verdict: Failed

#5: Does PHP Offer Scalable Solutions?

PHP is so critical for web development because you can use it to handle massive amounts of traffic and data. Facebook, which still uses PHP, hits billions of users in a single day – something that isn’t possible with Perl or Ruby alone. Using frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend, and CakePHP can assure you of scalable solutions.

What makes PHP solutions scalable is their MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. It allows the programming team to distinct code into three parts: models, views, and controllers. This way, your website will be easily maintainable and can handle many users.

The MVC architecture is not just used for scalability – it also allows you to reuse code in a modular fashion. For example, for adding a new feature to your website, developers can use one of its existing features as a base and then modify it slightly.

Verdict: Pass

#6: Libraries, Frameworks, & Community Support

When you develop in PHP, you have tons of libraries, frameworks, and even a vibrant community to help you learn more. If you’re starting with web development in general, it can be hard to navigate so many tools and resources—but if you choose to work with PHP as your tool of choice, there’s help around every corner.

Whether it’s OpenSSL or PEAR, Composer or CodeIgniter, there are many resources to get started. A few notable PHP libraries are Symfony Console Component, Symfony Finder Component, Psr/log, Monolog, Guzzle, etc.

Coming to community support, you can count on an immeasurable number of developers and development companies that have contributed to making PHP a better programming language.

So, affordable PHP web development companies are the answer to why use PHP!

Verdict: Pass

 #7: Compatibility with Emerging Technologies AI, BigData, etc. &

Developers using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cloud computing tend to reach for other languages over their longtime favorites, such as Java and Python. But is it time for PHP to become more like those languages to stay relevant?

The answer is that PHP needs more power-packed libraries and frameworks to become a preferred choice in AI-based projects. However, thinking that PHP is unfit for AI-based projects is utterly wrong. The very existence of Facebook’s Parse platform built on top of PHP proves otherwise.

Also, there are several open-source libraries like PhalconPHP, which makes it easy to develop scalable web applications using Pythonic syntax together with all benefits of compiled languages such as C++ or Java.

The infographic below offers insights into the preferred data types used in AI-based projects.

With unstructured texts, images, videos, etc. playing a pivotal role, PHP is being used extensively in AI-based projects. Even Facebook’s open-source platform Torch has been built on top of PHP.

Also, companies like Microsoft and Amazon are using PHP for their cloud computing services, such as Azure and AWS, respectively.

 Verdict: You Decide

Final Say

There is no one size fits all solution as each language comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Why use PHP? Well, PHP will not be your first choice if you want to build a desktop application that can run on multiple operating systems without having to be rewritten in different programming languages.

But when it comes to building web applications, PHP is still an excellent choice thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. It’s also free to download, install and use, so you don’t have to worry about licensing costs or ongoing maintenance fees.

It depends entirely on the requirements.

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How to Convert OLM File to PDF on Mac- Latest Technique



OLM to PDF Converter for Mac

How do I open an OLM file on a Mac without Outlook?” This is a common query among many Mac users. However, the search engine is filled with multiple different solutions but picking up the right one is difficult for the users. So stay on this blog, here we will share some of the best-performed techniques that will help to convert OLM files to PDF. 

An OLM is a file type that Mac Outlook uses to store data, including emails, tasks, notes, etc. Users sometimes want to backup their Mac Outlook data to protect it from various malware attacks or corruption. The best solution is to save OLM files as PDFs. A PDF file format is the best option when we want to backup or save the data locally.

What are the reasons to Convert OLM Files to PDF? 

There are many advantages of saving your data in a PDF file. Here we have mentioned a few of them.

  • The PDF file format provides better data security.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere at any given time.
  • This file format can also be used for legal documentation.
  • It makes it easy to share and print the data.
  • Users can encrypt PDF files to protect confidential data.

The above-shared benefits prove why choosing the PDF file format is a better choice to save data. Let’s move on and look at the different techniques to save Mac Outlook emails as PDFs. 

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How do I open an OLM file on a Mac without Outlook? 

There are two ways to convert an OLM file to PDF. We will talk about both the manual and professional approaches in detail. We will start by sharing the manual approach first. Follow every step carefully.

#1. Convert OLM to PDF Manually

Users can opt for the Print feature option to individually save the OLM files into a PDF file format on Mac Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook on your Mac device.
  2. Select the desired email that you want to convert.
  3. From the new window, select File and choose the Print option.
  4. In the print dialogue box, click on the drop-down box and select Save As PDF.
  5. Set or choose the custom location to save the file.

Using the manual method, users can convert only a few or selective OLM files into PDFs and can not perform batch conversion. There are many other drawbacks to saving Mac Outlook emails as PDFs manually. Let’s take a glance at these drawbacks.

Downsides of the DIY Method 

The manual method to convert OLM files to PDF is not the most opted solution because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Users can not bulk save multiple OLM files using the manual approach.
  • Individually saving the files can result in the repetition of the data.
  • Data originality may be compromised during the process. 
  • Saving large-size OLM files using this method can be troublesome.
  • Mismanagement of orders can take place.

To overcome this drawback, a professional Mac OLM to PDF converter tool is the best solution. This method provides 100% accurate results in a secure manner.

#2. Save OLM file as PDF Automatically

The MacSonik OLM to PDF Converter for Mac is a stand-alone utility that effortlessly converts OLM file data into PDF format. It is a 100% reliable and risk-free solution to convert OLM files to PDF. The folder hierarchy is perfectly maintained throughout the conversion process by keeping data security high. The multifunctional features help in transferring the OLM files with 100% accuracy. Users can perform the conversion of multiple OLM files in a single click without any data alteration including attachments and other mailbox items.

Steps to export Outlook emails from OLM to PDF

  1. Run the MacSonik OLM to PDF Converter on your Mac device.
  2. Select Single/Multiple file selection Mode and add OLM files.
  3. Check the required folder from the displayed tree structure.
  4. Now, choose the desired location to save the resultant file.
  5. Finally, hit the Convert button to start the conversion process.

Some Advantages of Mac OLM to PDF Converter

  • This method helps to convert OLM to PDF file format in bulk.
  • It removes any duplicate emails from the process.
  • Users can save the attachments separately in different folders. 
  • No data alteration takes place throughout the conversion process.
  • You can use OLM Converter for Mac to convert OLM emails to PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, CSV, etc.


Data saved in PDF format provides better security as compared to any other file format. In this blog, we have mentioned the various techniques along with the benefits to convert OLM files to PDF with ease. To eliminate the drawbacks of the manual approach, it is advisable to go with the professional approach to convert the files quickly and safely.

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Why are Social Networks so Addictive?




Social networking sites allow us to connect with people worldwide in a quick way. We can now communicate with people from all around the world. People love to follow the latest trends and be on what is popular. They want to be part of something new, exciting, and talked about. Social networking sites have done this for us, allowing us to connect with people worldwide instantly.

Social media is used by many organizations to advertise their products and services through the best social media app like PickZon, Facebook, and Instagram. Businesses use these platforms because they can reach out directly to their customers without having to pay high fees or spend money on expensive advertisements. Social media allows company’s access to their customers at any time during the day or night when they are online rather than only during business hours when most people are at work.

Companies use social media as a way of getting more exposure for their brand so that they can increase their sales figures by attracting new customers from other locations around the globe who may have never heard of them before but do now after seeing an advert on the best social media app.

Here are some benefits of social media in your personal & professional:

Personal Development: 

Social media is crucial for your development, both academically and personally. Social media teaches you how to communicate with strangers and convey your feelings without using words. By paying attention to other influences, you will develop your fashion sense. 

Extended Brand Awareness: 

Improving memorability and compassion is one of the most crucial exhibit goals for every association. Given that customers must purchase well-known brands, this makes it reasonable. The degree of brand persistence displayed by some consumers can have a big impact on associations.

In contrast to conventional media, social media offers the advantage of quickly boosting the number of potential clients who may view your image. In any event, people are drawn to your picture or product even when they aren’t paying attention to it.

Education & Information: 

Social media has evolved into our instructor in the digital age, and we learn from it. YouTube and other social media platforms teach you both the knowledge from the book and new information. You may discover what you’re enthusiastic about reading and watching through social media.

We used to acquire the news via TV and radio, but today social media has replaced those sources as a new means to obtain information. You may learn about new topics every day through social media, and you can access information at your fingertips. Information is fact-based knowledge.

Helps you acquire market knowledge: 

There is no doubt that the way businesses serve their clients has changed as a result of online gambling. By keeping an eye on the development of your electronic entertainment profiles, you may have meaningful contact with the wants and requirements of your customers. This information might be crucial when you evaluate your sector and make decisions about your business. Online games may also be used as a comparative research technique to help you understand your clients better. By talking to your consumers, you may discover their unquenchable desires and use this information to weaken your business.

To effectively build your business, use PickZon, the best social media app for businesses that encourages free business growth. You are free to list as many products as you like on the app, which is free. The PickZon app is equipped with all the features a person or business visionary may need to properly emphasize their attempt to achieve their goals. Additionally, PickZon excels at producing quick films; you may make clips with a selection of music or talking. Any conversation or Shayari you compose can even incorporate your voice. 

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[Free] Best IG Tools To Help You Grow Your Account




Gaining followers on Instagram can be tough but nowadays as there is the existence of multiple ig tools instagram, the job might become easier than before. You might not be able to think how difficult it would be to generate new followers on Instagram without using any tools. Using ig tools to attract new followers can be a great idea. This will ensure the growth of your business. So, gain your Instagram followers through tools. 

Instagram is a necessary social media platform for all marketers. Well, the existence of your account won’t make any difference unless and until you make your account impactful. And this impact can be laid out with the help of useful tools which will help you in growing your business. It might be very tedious to ensure continuous footfall on your social media platforms. This is because today, there’s a lot of competition in the market going on and that is why brands need to go unique with their approach to attract new customers. 

There are several aspects that you need to consider to ensure the growth of your business such as enhanced engagement rate, building social proof, spreading brand awareness, generation of leads, and more. The most powerful aspect is to grab more igtools followers

Today in this blog, we will help you with a handful of Instagram tools that will help you achieve your business goals along with increasing your follower list. 

Top Instagram tools to help grow your account in 2022!

  • Kicksta

All your business needs are organic followers. This can be attained with the help of tools known as Kicksta. The main thing about Kicksta is that this helps businesses in getting real-time followers using an organic growth method. Using black hat tactics in building up your followers won’t last till longer and that is why Kicksta got invented. Furthermore, the accounts that kicksta will target won’t be bots, fake accounts, or spam accounts so you do not have to worry about that. This is a proprietary AI-powered technology which has constantly been modified over the past 5 years. Kicksta is a special ig tool that is trusted by a lot of influencers, brands, and agencies. 

  • Hootsuite’s Composer

Hootsuite is an easy-to-use interface that helps creators in creating and scheduling Instagram posts to be published later. Composer is a powerful ig tool that comes with a variety of features such as editing, customizing, scheduling, and much more. igtools net like Hootsuite is quite beneficial. 

Moreover, creators also get free recommendations to upload their posts at the best times. This data will be based on the times when you can get the most engagement in terms of impressions, click-throughs, igtools likes, and more on your Instagram posts. 

  • Social Pilot

Many businesses such as start-ups and small scales cannot afford tools that demand hefty amounts and that is the reason why Social Pilot came into existence. Well, this is a cost-effective solution as compared to its rivals. Social Pilot is a great platform to enhance the performance of marketing campaigns. With the use of Social Pilot, the performance of each ongoing campaign can be tracked easily. 

Furthermore, the customer service of Social Pilot is so effective as they assist their customers rapidly in case of any query. Social Pilot has the capability of connecting multiple social media platforms and then managing them in one place itself. This way the businesses would not have to purchase different tools for different purposes. That is why Social Pilot is increasingly preferred by growing businesses. 

  • Iconsquare

Well, iconsquare is another famous Instagram marketing tool that is being increasingly preferred by businesses, and influencers these days. Using Iconsquare, you can easily schedule your posts for both of your social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. Through this, you can even monitor the engagement rate for both of them in real-time. 

Moreover, Iconsquare also comes up with a feature known as Conversions. Through this feature, you can easily know what people are saying about you on your social media profile. Not just this, iconsquare also allows you to monitor what’s working for your competitors by letting you spy on them and know how you can improve and do better than them. 

  • Later

Many Instagram influencers get confused about how they can create unique content so that they can distinguish themselves from their competitors. Well, later helps you on this part. It lets you create visually compelling content for your Instagram account so that more and more followers get engaged with it. This will ensure an increase in followers. Furthermore, this tool also lets you schedule posts for your Instagram account by just clicking on the drag and drop button. 

It is worth noting that later is just sufficient for small-scale organizations where only a bare minimum of features are required for the functioning part. This does not provide more premium features just like its competitor’s soo this might not be feasible for mid or large-scale businesses. 

  • Buzzoid

Do you want to grow your Instagram account in minutes? Try Buzzoid. This is a growth platform that simply offers followers and likes in minutes. The entire order of likes, followers, and engagement rate will be delivered in just an hour and if not, you will simply get your money back. Their price card ranges in a variety of factors so you can choose accordingly. 

  • Instaboostgram

Instaboostgram is another feasible tool to grow your Instagram account. The process of getting followers from instaboostgram is quite easy. All you need to do is choose your package, enter your username, and make your purchase and you will see the followers rolling into your account in no time. 


As there’s an increased reliance on social media platforms these days, more and more people, businesses, and influencers are relying upon social media tools such as Instagram for their growth. There’s an increased level of competitiveness on these platforms and this is where igtools story is working wonders. 

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