How Can a GPS Time Tracking App Help Janitorial Companies?

GPS Time Tracking App Help Janitorial Companies

The Janitorial business can be tricky to manage, especially when handling multiple clients in different locations. The best way to guarantee top-notch quality is to ensure your workers are being monitored and doing their jobs properly. 

That’s why so many businesses turn to GPS  time-tracking apps to monitor workers and activities. 

You must also have heard about GPS  time tracking apps, but what exactly are they? How do they work? And how can they help your janitorial company? 

 In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions and more. We’ll also look at why these apps are so beneficial to the janitorial industry, and discuss how they have changed the way businesses manage their time, track employees’  locations, and more.

Let’s dive in-

What is a GPS Time Tracking App?

As you probably know, time tracking apps have been gaining popularity among janitorial business owners as  invaluable time management tools. But have you ever wondered what a GPS time tracking app is exactly?

 A GPS time tracking app is an app that uses a GPS locator to record where your workers are when they clock into or clock out from work or job. This information is then stored on the phone as proof of attendance. GPS apps also make it easy to export data into spreadsheets or reports without requiring manual data entry. These reports can be used for planning shift schedules, job/task allocations, and other management  strategies.

Now, time to move on to the next section to learn about the working of the GPS time tracking app.

How Does a GPS Time Tracking App Work?

GPS time tracking apps are becoming the most common way to track employee work hours and productivity in a business, but how does it work? Let’s look at how these systems work and what makes them effective in many companies today.

As the name suggests, these apps use the Global Positioning System to figure out where your employees are and track their progress. 

GPS time tracking apps rely on the device’s GPS and location-based services (LBS) to provide an accurate record of an employee’s presence at a specific location and departure from that location.

Some notable features of any standard GPS time tracking software are-

  • Automatic route tracking
  • GPS tracking map
  • Alerts & reminders
  • Scheduling Jobs and shifts
  • Remote Management
  • Resource allocation

If employees work from home, in an office, or even somewhere else entirely, like a coffee shop, these apps can record their location and activities to ensure that they are doing what they should do.

Now, let’s explore the top six ways GPS time tracking apps can help Janitorial companies.

The Janitor’s New Best Friend: GPS Time Tracking Apps

  1. Get Better Use of Your Resources

When you have a team of janitors (full-time, part-time, or temporary), it’s essential to ensure that your employees are working efficiently. This might mean having them follow a specific route for regular jobs. In that case, consider investing in software designed to help you track their location throughout each day. The best time tracking software like Workstatus gives you visibility into where each worker is at any given time—and where they should be—which means you can quickly identify when mistakes are made or when someone’s shift needs to be adjusted. 

  1. Optimize Route Tracking

The GPS feature on a time-tracking app will help you keep track of your worker’s routes. As they  drive from location to location, it will automatically log their miles traveled. If your company typically completes a job in five hours, for example, but your worker get it done in four hours with an efficient route, you’ve picked up some much-needed extra profit margin.

 Plus, this way, you won’t have difficulty tracking how many miles the vehicle has driven or where they were during the day. 

 Think how much time you can save by tracking your employees’ in real-time. Like most professionals, you could log up to ten extra hours a week by taking advantage of a simple feature. This converts into more profits for your business. It also shows your customers that you care about completing their work on time, which means they’ll continue giving their business to your company.

  1. Data Is What Drives Results

While people come with different skill levels, and affinities for cleaning, there’s one thing they all must have in common and that is showing up at a designated place on time. And because most of your workforce can’t always check their work phones for text messages reminding them about work, a GPS tracking app is essential equipment. That way, no matter where your workers are—in a building or off-site on a special project—they can look at their GPS mobile app and see exactly where they need to go next.

  1. Maintenance Requests Are Easier to Track

If you have a maintenance department, then you know that tracking all of your maintenance requests is a pain. Maybe you use sticky notes or a giant whiteboard. These options are far from perfect. They waste time every time someone has to update them (which happens often), leave room for error, and it’s challenging to compile data on how much work goes on each month. A GPS or time tracking app allows your customers to report their problems, then alerts your staff when something needs attention so they can schedule repairs in a timely manner.

  1. Optimize Your Dispatch System

GPS time tracking apps help janitorial business owners optimize their dispatch system by eliminating wasted time on the road. It is a compelling resource for optimizing a janitorial business. 

Many major cities have major  traffic issues, which can severely slow down productivity in terms of wasted fuel and time. 

Utilizing GPS technology and full-vehicle routing software allows businesses to maximize route efficiency, saving fuel and lost (in traffic) employee hours. 

Another benefit of using a GPS vehicle tracker is that it will enable janitorial companies to set performance goals, track driver behavior, and monitor vehicles’ real-time status on Google Maps or other online navigation systems that are integrated with your customized company dispatch software.

  1. Track Employee Performance

Tracking employee performance is difficult, especially when tracking what happens outside the designated work space. Time tracking apps can help create a more efficient management system for janitorial businesses by providing real-time information on how much time employees spend in specific locations.  

Once that information is available, businesses can set productivity targets and take other steps to increase efficiency. Once performance targets are set, monitoring employee productivity becomes easier with tools and time-tracking apps like Workstatus. By evaluating employees’ progress against those goals at regular intervals (ideally weekly), management can determine whether current strategies are working or if changes need to be made.

What To Consider While Implementing a GPS Time Tracking App?

Implementing a GPS time-tracking app requires a lot of planning and groundwork. There are several factors to consider before you start using one for your business: 

 Knowing Your Needs: You can’t just decide to use any GPS tracking system; you have to identify your needs first. Some business owners simply look for help keeping an eye on their employees. Some want something that also captures employees’ activities . Identifying your business needs help determine which of these systems will work best for you—and how much they’ll cost in time and money. Whether or not you’re interested in using it, and you must consider getting expert guidance before deciding which software is suitable for your situation. 

 What’s Legal?: This can be another tricky area for businesses. It’s not necessarily illegal to track employees with GPS technology, but it does raise some legal and ethical issues that you’ll need to consider carefully. The law in your country may or may not be clear on whether or not it’s acceptable to use employee tracking technology. Some places have enacted laws explicitly prohibiting employers from using these types of systems without permission from their employees, while others haven’t addressed them yet. 

 What Kind of Technology Will Work for You?: Several kinds of tracking technology exists. Older systems relied on GPS alone, but newer versions allow you also to include cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity—as well as even more advanced options like environmental sensors and RFID tags. Once you know what features you need, it’s time to think about which type will work best for your organization’s needs. 

 What Should You Track?: It’s essential to have specific goals when implementing a GPS tracking system. Determine what data you want to collect, such as distance traveled, speed, and driving behavior. Map out where the units should go (consider mapping zones), how & where to arrange vehicles for commuting (usually near the driver) and what should happen if they’re lost and need guidance.

There are many other factors, but addressed above are some of the major ones you should consider before investing in any GPS time tracking software. 

Closing Thoughts

With just one glance, you can see exactly where your janitorial employees are and how long they’ve been there. You’ll know if someone is lagging or taking an unexpected break. This knowledge will help you make changes to ensure your business is functioning at maximum efficiency. It also makes managing payroll much easier since you won’t have to rely on estimates or good faith to calculate employee hours. 

With automatic pay-sheet generation, it’s easy to send payments directly. Whether you’re looking for simple reporting or detailed analytics, GPS tracking apps give janitorial businesses unprecedented visibility into how the crew spends their time both inside and outside of work.

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